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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dead Infection
Album: Brain Corrosion (2004)
1.It's Over
2. Crazy Bucket
3. Beware! My Name Is Thunderbolt! 
4. Satan's Hole
5. Take Your Pants Off
6. The Corpse of Uncombed Devil 
7. All To Nothing
8. Brother's Embalming
9. Our Grandfather
10. Gory Inspiration
11. F8 Set of Two Rolls...
12. Brutal Murder In Dr Petru Groza
13. Easy Come Easy Go 
14. You Broke My T-Shirt
15. Crankshaft 
16. Rich Zombie
17. Snakes And Ants
18. Pull The Wire 
19. Deaf Death 
20. No Smoking 
21. Dressed In Moles 
22. Let's Have Some Fun 
Total playing time 

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