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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Band: Abnormity

 Album: Irreversible Disintegration

 Genre: Brutal Slam Death Metal

 Year: 2011

 Country: Russia


1. Shattered To The Bone
2. Disease Of Humanity
3. Emanation Of Putrid Entrails
4. Irreversible Disintegration
5. Atrocity Domination
6. Mechanical Maggots
7. Guttural Bleeding
8. Vomit Carnage


Sick and brutal debut album of russian slam masters abnormity. Killer slamming riffs , inhuman guttural vocals for fans of Devourment, Vulvectomy, Abominable Putridity etc. Featuring amazing cover art by Marco Hasmann!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Band: Slavebreed

 Album: Dethrone the Architect

 Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore

 Year: 2012

 Country: Greece


1. A New Plague Upon Us
3.Diluted's Canticle
4.Failed Sepuku
7.Dethrone the Architect
8. Inside the Jaws of Famine
10.Penal Colony
11.Preaching to the Fallen
12.Dog Eat Dog
13.Chironex Fleckeri
14.Sailing the Styx


Fantastic Band!!! High Recommended
Buffalo Grillz

Band: Buffalo Grillz

 Album: Manzo Criminale

 Genre: Grindcore

 Year: 2012

 Country: Italy


01. Intro
02. Linkin Pork
03. Forrest Grind
04. Lapo El Grind
05. Manzo Criminale
06. Gux & Gabbana
07. Bufalismo
08. Sacro E Scrofano
09. Dawson Crick
10. Improvvisation Intuition Casaccium
11. Dimmu Burger
12. Grind Sasso
13. Il Marchese Del Grill
14. Vision Divan
15. Delitto Al Blue Grind
16. Sermonet A Chainsaw Massacre
17. Eau De Vergogn (Raul Bove)
18. Pig Floyd
19. The Truffer (Bonus Track)
20. La Canzone Del Sale (Bonus Track)
21. Outro (Bonus Track)


Big special guests from Ratos De Porao, Rotten Sound, Mumakil, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Mombu.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

 Dr Doom

Band: Dr Doom

 Album: Everyone is guilty


 Year: 2012

 Country: Netherlands


01 -Le Temps Detruit Tout
02 - Prophesied Disaster
03- Improving Time
04- A Certain Special Kind Of Hatred No Words Can Express
05 – Die With Me
06 – Spite Bearer
07- Exiled To The Deserts Of Nothingness
08- Stock Broker Down
09- Working Class Crusade
10- Few Dead Men
11- Pillored En Public
12 - Pater Tempus Tui Ventum Est
13- This Is Our Funeral
14- Counter Culture
15- The Keys To My Heart
16- Apollo’s Death


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Deathspell Omega(EP -Drought - 2012)

1.Salowe Vision  
2.Fiery Serpents  
3.Scorpions & Drought  
5.Abrasive Swirling Murk
6.The Crackled Book of Life

 Album available to purchase as MP3s, at:

“Drought” has the sour taste of the inexorable; it is a musical journey through the last moments before disaster hits. This recording displays some of the most lethal song writing ever witnessed from the band while retaining their unmistakable sound


Band: Spasm

 Album: Paraphilic Elegies

 Genre: Porn/Gore/Grindcore

 Year:  2008

 Country: Czech Republic


1.Innocent Foetal Atomizer
2.Paedophilic Kindergarten Party
3.Submissive Corrosive Thermopiss
4.Menses Businessman
5.Beautiful Human Toilet
6.Outdoor Snuff Derby
7.Anal Carnival
8.Shy Lesbians' Defecation
9.Perpetual Sperm Injections (Gut Cover)
10.Batiqued by Diarrhoea
11.Horny Rectal Alchymist
12.Multicolour Shit Eater
13.Miss Piss Junior
14.Disturbing Tampon Fetish
15.Sperm Pool Championship
16.Fatal Menstrual Defect
17.Phormaldehyde Clit Licking
18.Asian-Teens Squirting Laboratory
19.Interdental Hairiness in Blossom
20.Penis Tuning 02:00
21.Loves Me Not (T.A.T.U. Cover)


 The 2nd full length of Czech porno Gore-grinders SPASM is one of the most powerful albums in 2008!!! Their style turned more into sheer brutal goregrind, with variating vocals near to Jig Ai,  On this recordings they use guitars now, to give the tracks an awesome groove. 19 brand new tracks + a Gut cover "Perpetual Sperm Injection" and a cover of russians favourite pop-lespians TATU "Loves Me Not"!!
Nuclear Vomit

Band: Nuclear Vomit

 Album: Obora

 Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore

 Year: 2008

 Country: Poland

1.Scream Of Rotten Whore
2.Bestial Devastation
3.Torped's From Satan's ass
6.Pathological Bestial Masturbation
7.Halucinagore Orgy
8.XXX Maniacs
9.Violence's Slave
14.Cold Turkey (Ahumado Granujo cover)
15.Slaughterhouse (Mortician cover)


Nuclear Vomit are a Polish band formed in 2005 and Obora is their debut album.  The whole album is really well played and pretty well produced, the speeds are always high, perfectly controlled and never chaotic. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Band: Jenovavirus


 Genre: Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore

 Year: 2006

 Country: Japan,


 2.Deviding Cel
 3.Primetive Aboxy
 5.Sex Eyes Beby
 6.Wring a Deep Brain

The band planned on a 13 song full length, but split up before doing so. The tracks were demoed but never released. Btw!!! Fantastic slow brutal slam Death Metal.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Band: Jotunspor

 Album: Gleipnirs Smeder

 Genre: Black Metal

 Year: 2006

 Country: Norway


1.Gleipnirs Smeder
2.Svartalvheims Djup
4.Freke Han Renn...
5.Sol Mun Svartne


Jotunspor brings together ex-members of Gorgoroth, guitarist / bassist King Ov Hell and drummer Kvitrafn as they unleash the primal sounds of Gleipnirs Smeder to the black metal community. The sound is raw, primitive and atmospheric at times with lyrics sung completely in Norwegian and the ancient norse language. During the past year King has been a part of three different bands, he recorded Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam with Gorgoroth and the debut Sahg CD , but it's with this new project that he really explores new territory sonically. The second track "Svartalvheims Djup" for example stands out in comparison to the rest of the material. Consider it a 7 minute, almost ambient sounding experiment but one that works quite well. The remainder of the CD's tracks are extremely harsh and uncompromising. What began as a side project for King could well become something more permanent because the material on Gleipnirs Smeder is definitely something fans of this genre of music will be interested in.

Band: Arsis

 Album: A Celebration Of Guilt

 Genre: Technical Melodic Death Metal

 Year: 2004

 Country: USA


1.The Face Of My Innocence
2.Maddening Disdain
3.Seven Whispers Fell Silent
5.Worship Depraved
6.Carnal Ways To Recreate The Heart
7.Dust And Guilt
8.Elegant And Perverse
9.The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavment Letters
10.Looking To Nothing
11.Wholly Night


There is no doubt that "A Celebration of Guilt" is one of the most pretty technical melodic Death Metal that I've heard.
Arsis explode out of the gate and don't let up until the last second of the last song. Every track is melodic death metal of the highest quality with an aggressive streak.  The musicianship is top notch, The drumming is tight and precise, the solos are impeccable, and the venomous growls spew forth surprisingly well written lyrics  Everything about this release is extremely impressive, right down to the production.

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