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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Band: Nightbringer

Album: Apocalypse Sun

Genre:Raw Black Metal

Year: 2010

Country: USA

1. I Am I 
2. Supplication before the Throne of Tehom 
3. Serpent of the Midnight Sun 
4. Upturning the Seventh Chalice 
5. Excitium- Litany of the Devouring Earth 
6. Goblet of Sulfur and Poison 
7. The Coils of Sevekh 
8. Nephal- the Seat of Pan-Daimonium 
9. The Utterance of Kasab'el 
10. Fount of the Nighted God-head  

Excellent Album! Apocalypse Sun is littered to the brink of obsession with references to occult esoterica from various historical epochs and geographic locales, but Nightbringer doesn’t prioritize lyrics and concept over songwriting as is the wont of other high-minded black metal acts like Deathspell Omega, incidentally the most convenient reference point to Nightbringer’s style.

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