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Monday, July 19, 2010


Band: Claustrofobia

Album: I See Red

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

Year: 2009

Country: Brazil

01 - Discharge
02 - War Stomp
03 - Minefield
04 - Evil University
05 - Alarm
06 - Raining Shit
07 - Don't Kill The Future
08 - Our Blood
09 - Natural Terrorism
10 - I See Red
11 - Tiro De Meta
12 - Subconscious In Flames
13 - Nóia

Recommended Album!!!

Claustrofobia has basically thrashy death metal in the vein of old Sepultura and Vader.  Death metal as you know it, and not much more, is what you get from I See Red.  The approach is mildly novel at points, relying on good technical riffs to interrupt what would normally be pretty straight forward thrash riffing.  The sound is thick and the band is talented, and a markedly old school production (but still clean) brings out the drums in a way that doesn’t make them sound fake and over-produced, giving this record a good thickness that a lot of modern metal lacks.

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