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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cadaveric Crematorium

Band: Cadaveric Crematorium

Album: Serial Grinder

Genre: Death/Grind/Gore

Year: 2005

Country: Italy

1. Valloggia 250
2. Jesus Virus
3. Brixia Chainsaw Massacre
4. Zombie Experiment
5. Family Vivisection
6. Pathologist instability
7. Emorragia
8. Zombies (Odore Di Fame)
9. Paster Of Muppets
10. Serial Grinder
11. 30" To Explode
12. La Vendetta Del Fantasma Serial Grinder
13. Infection
14. Dance Of Maniac
15. Kings Of Farm

Lovely Grind album, if you're looking for something that sounds completely different and chaotic than you've heard, well then I recommend this album, just the cover of the album already pass the weirdness of this. The whole album is a bizarre experience. Cadaveric Crematorium is one of the most complex and technical Deathgrind/Gore in genre

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