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Monday, August 2, 2010


Band: RazorRape

Album: Unleashing The Shemales Of Vengeance

Genre: Goregrind

Year: 2009

Country: Sweden

1. A Lesson In Gore
2. Vaginal Head Gear
3. Wouldn't Mind Her In The Grinder
4. Five Inch Gag Hole
5. Foreskin Face Mask
6. Deep Red
7. Rectal Enslavement
8. Ballsack Blastfuck
9. Faceless Female Cumshot
10. Hey Whore, Let's Gore
11. Pussy Cheese Disease
12. Unleashing The Shemales Of Vengeance
13. Whip Her Dead
14. Three On A Meathook (Live)
15. Beautiful Girl Hunter (Live
16. Foreskin Face Mask (Demo version)

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