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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hell Militia

Band: Hell Militia

Album: Last Station on the Road to Death

Genre: Raw Black Metal

Year: 2010

Country: France

1. Always the Same 
2. Born Without Light 
3. Unshakable Faith 
4. Et Inferno Ego 
5. The Ultimate Deception 
6. Fili Diaboli 
7. Shoot Knife Strangle Beat & Crucify 
8. The Pig That Became a God 
9. Last Station on the Road to Death 

For those that are familiar with Meyhna'ch's work in the past, it probably would surprise them that this record is as raw and kvlt as possible. The predominance of a raw and kvlt attitude keep this from entering the world of modern sounding production,The music recorded gives the feeling of being pulled into a dark underworld. Not one of myths and demons, but the harsh hostilities of real life. The vocals sound absolutely tortured and that only adds to the depressive atmosphere. The combination of their brand of Black Metal with crusty punk rivals, and in most parts surpasses.

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