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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Band: Jig-Ai

Album: Jig-Ai

Genre: Grindcore

Year: 2006

Country: Czech Republic

1. Japanese Gut Cake
2. Sounds of Body Sinuses
3. Geishas Sucks European Cocks
4. HN-Islam
5. Ninja Gangbang
6. Adventure on the Boat 0
7. Injectator Kruto
8. Fresh Manga Flesh
9. Vogelgrippe-N
10. Pec Nam Spadla Vs. Skakal Pes 
11. Phimosiectomy Made by Scrub-Slasher
12. Suffocated Between Gigantic Udders
13. Sadomasochistic Practices Manual
14. Hanger in Her Neck
15. Extruding Testicles Through Garlic Press
16. Gourmet's Specialities of Necrozoophila
17. La Ley de Plomo (Brujeria Cover)
18. Final Cu(n)t 

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