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Friday, July 16, 2010

Captain Cleanoff

Band: Captain Cleanoff

Album: Slackness Of Sickness

Genre: Grindcore

Year: 2008

Country: Australia

1. Intro 
 2. Your Fate 
3. Gore Grind,Thrush Attack 
4. Stuck In A Rut 
5. 3234 
 6. Wipe Ya Fetus 
7. Blockhole
8. Cold Showa 
 9. Mr. Serious 
10. Hardcore Fashion Parade 
 11. Baby Got Gunt 
 12. Tow Da Line 
 13. Wretch 
14. Just Another Breakdown 
15. Symphonies Of Slackness 
 16. Here Tis 
17. Frog Dog
 18. Life Metal 
19. Toxic Mind 
20. Wasting Time And Money 
 21. Wizard's Sleeve 

Pure GRIND!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recommended Album.

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