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Monday, June 27, 2011

Needful Things

Band: Needful Things

 Album: Tentacles Of Influence

 Genre: Grindcore

 Year: 2011

 Country: Czech Republic


01.ntro / Tentacles Of Influence
03.Fall In Darkness
06.Worshipper Of God
07.Money In God´s Hands
08.Collateral Existence
11.Decision Points
12.Party For Killers / Massive Killing
13.End Of Your Life
14.Remains Of Life
15.DNA Freak Number
16.One Day Hero
17.Mask Of Arrogance
19.The Mass

If you have a taste for appropriate and technically grindcore, which came from the old school style. "The album Tentacles Of Influence" from Needful Things I can honestly recommend this album. Keep it and hope a long story short, I'll be able to get this stuff to break even on a live performance, simply because they are necessary things.

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