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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Band: Overdose

Album: Progress of Decadence

Genre: Thrash Metal

Year: 1993

Country: Brazil

1. Rio, Samba E Porrada No Morro
2. Street Law
3. Straight To The Point
4. Progress Of Decadence
5. Capitalist Way
6. Deep In Your Mind
7. Noise From Brazil
8. Aluquisarrera
9. Favela
10. No Truce
11. Faithful Death
12. Stupid Generation
13. Zombie Factory 

"To be perfectly honest, this album sound like Roots from Sepultura. but at the very least it's on par. It's almost completely different so it's hard to compare, but it definitely deserves recognition, or at least acknowledgment. anyway well awesome album"

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