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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Temple Of Baal

Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Album: Traitors To Mankind (2005)

Recommendable album for sure!!!
excellent black metal. *Traitors to Mankind*
features a variety of extreme metal styles with awesome riffs


1. Living Fleshthrone
2. Traitors To Mankind
3. Graveyard Of Disgust
4. Bleeding Thoughts
5. Under The Spell
6. Visions Of Carnage
7. Crawling In Blood And Puke
8. Bitter Days
9. Death Inquisition
10. Flames Of Baal
Album- Lightslaying Rituals(2009)

Another excellent Black Metal album , Oppressive/aggressive album!!


1.Piercing The Veils Of Slumber
2.Triumph Of Heretic Fire
3.Black Sun Of The Damned
5.Dead Cult
6.Hate Is My Name
7.Poisoned Words
8.Vectors To The Void

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