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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Atritas - Celestial Decay(2009)

1. Ultimate Downfall
2. (Sacrifical) Devil Worship's Psalmody
3. Gnosis - A Religious Wasteland 
4. Memorium Magicus
5. All Celestial - Ruins & Ashes
6. Blasphemic Madness
7. Peste Sacrale (Sang Pour la Vie Eternelle)
8. His Presence - Satanic Divinity
9. Schizophrenia In Death 
10. Divine Apocalyptic Gloom - Endtime's Dawn

Breathes melodic frenzy with air slots, though a little too smooth production and a touch here and there pleasing Mittneunziger . But as the disc is full of principle, and certainly not worse purely instrumental black metal fare.

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