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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Band: Urheimat
Album: The Gates To An Elder Constellation

Genre: Progressive Black/Death Metal

Year: 2009

Country: Canada

1.Consummating The Anticedent: The Rite Of Dawn
2.The Gates To An Elder Constellation
3.The Grotto Of The Endless Moon
5.Entrenching The Path To The Origin
6.The Spires Of A Thousand Kings
7.Unborn Star
8.Intercession Of Prismic Scent
9.Through The Elders' Bow, Unto Which The Voices Of The Void Are Channeled

Canada's black metal scene expands by one with the explosive debut of Calgary's Urheimat, a band that takes drum machine fueled black metal to its limit with an album of hyperblasting rhythms, epic synthesizers, and a mixture of black sneers and soaring clean vocals. While many bands of this type revel in the simplicty and ambient tones of introspective minimalism, Urheimat instead fuses the more technical influence of Norwegian black metal artists like Emperor and Dimmu Borgir while bleating winds of majestic synth lines over the top. The proficiency of the musicians is undeniable, in particular the guitar work, arpeggios and other leads constantly blazing trails through the technical wildfire of the rhythm guitars. Reviews by Autothrall

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