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Thursday, April 21, 2011

MERRIMACK is one of the most poignant and sophisticated acts of the French underground. Melody is utilized in contrast with dissonance and intelligent, atypical songwriting to produce this furious and unpredictable force which marries the old and new. Epic is not merely a descriptor, but a living and breathing mentality shed by this disc and birthed by the organic songwriting of a meek five-piece.


Grey Rigorism (2009)

1.The Golden Door
4.La Sainteté du Mal
5.Cold Earth Mourning
6.Grey Rigorism
7.When the Stars Align
9.In the Halls of White Death
10.By thy grace


Of Entropy And Life Denial (2006)

1.Of Ashes And Purification
2.Seraphic Conspiracy
3.Melancholia Balneam Diaboli
4.Redeem Restless Souls
6.The Birth Of A Life’s Sacerdoce
7.Descension From Life
8.Subcutaneous Infection
9.Consecration Of The Temple
11.Adiabatic Bonds Of Consanguinity

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