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Monday, June 27, 2011

Vulgar Pigeons

Band: Vulgar Pigeons

 Album:  Summary Execution

 Genre: Grindcore

 Year: 2001

 Country: USA


1.Hymnal of the Misanthrope
2. Empty the Streets
3. Skullcap
4. Swelling
6. Stumbling into the Crossfire
7. MSG
8. Lampshade Desire
9. Follow the Hum
10. Flip of your Boss
11. Process of Elimination
12. Sunderland Sickness
13. Police=Shit
14. Intermisson
15. Pharmaceutical Knockout
16. River Rat
17. Aggro-culture
18. Colonizing the Nearest Habitual Planet
19. Corporate Morgue
20. 100 Feet of the Roadway
21. Fuck The Police (Bump)
22. In the Hands of a Benevolent Chimpanzee Scientist
23. Permanent Speechlessness
24. Time for Sleep
25.Measure of Loss
26. Foreshadowing of Ignorance

Summary Execution have laid down 26 tracks in 38 minutes. Combining equal parts grindcore, raw hardcore, doom-y sludge and sloppy power violence, Vulgar Pigeons instantly bring to mind one of the best in this underground genre, the mighty Benumb.


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