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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Band: Co-Exist

 Album: Violent Intentions Begin With Slow Incisions

 Genre: Grindcore

 Year: 2011

 Country: Glasgow, Scotland

2.A Skinning Of People You Hate
3.A Violent Process (feat. Joe from Man Must Die)
4.Steel Against Blood
5.Grind You Fuckers To Dust
6.The Comedown
8.Rope Burns
10.I Will Destruct
12.May Cause Seizures
13.Fingers And Thumbs
14.Neutralise (Confision Corporation cover)
15.Ticks, Rats And Traitors
16.X Versus Y


Mix some grindcore with a smidgeon of melody. Add a touch of confusion corporation to taste and accompany with the alcoholic beverage of choice. Beard stroking optional.

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