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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Band: Spasm

 Album: Paraphilic Elegies

 Genre: Porn/Gore/Grindcore

 Year:  2008

 Country: Czech Republic


1.Innocent Foetal Atomizer
2.Paedophilic Kindergarten Party
3.Submissive Corrosive Thermopiss
4.Menses Businessman
5.Beautiful Human Toilet
6.Outdoor Snuff Derby
7.Anal Carnival
8.Shy Lesbians' Defecation
9.Perpetual Sperm Injections (Gut Cover)
10.Batiqued by Diarrhoea
11.Horny Rectal Alchymist
12.Multicolour Shit Eater
13.Miss Piss Junior
14.Disturbing Tampon Fetish
15.Sperm Pool Championship
16.Fatal Menstrual Defect
17.Phormaldehyde Clit Licking
18.Asian-Teens Squirting Laboratory
19.Interdental Hairiness in Blossom
20.Penis Tuning 02:00
21.Loves Me Not (T.A.T.U. Cover)


 The 2nd full length of Czech porno Gore-grinders SPASM is one of the most powerful albums in 2008!!! Their style turned more into sheer brutal goregrind, with variating vocals near to Jig Ai,  On this recordings they use guitars now, to give the tracks an awesome groove. 19 brand new tracks + a Gut cover "Perpetual Sperm Injection" and a cover of russians favourite pop-lespians TATU "Loves Me Not"!!

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