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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Band: Birdflesh

Album: The Farmers Wrath

Genre: Grindcore

Year: 2008

Country: Sweden

1. Download Death
2. External Wounds of Vagina Power
3. Goatrider
4. Funny Ice-Dwarf
5. In the Sickness of the Sea
6. Our Rice
7. Payday Mayday
8. The Flying Penis
9. I Don't Wanna Live, I Don't Wanna Die
10. Suffer in the Dark of Darkness
11. Gorilla Behaviour
12. The Triumph of Grind
13. Cake Full of Maggots
14. Mythomaniac
15. Leprosy on Jeopardy
16. Foptbath Fuck-Up
17. AC/Deicide
18. Some Kind of Mongo
19. Organ Smoothie
20. The Spaghetti Strangler
21. Eight Legs and a Death
22. Wrath of the Farmer
23. Flamencorpse
24. Swimmingpoop
25. True Glove and the Purgatory Passion
26. Wheelchair Impaler

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