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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Those Who Bring the Torture

Band: Those Who Bring the Torture

Album: Tank Gasmask Ammo

Genre: Death/Grind

Year: 2008

Country: Sweden

1. Napalm God
2. Mutant Slut
3. All Hail the Goat (Lord of Great Mutation)
4. Tank Gasmask Ammo
5. Celebrating Gamma Bliss
6. Riders on the Mushroomcloud
7. Expecting a Search - Visibly hiding the Flesh
8. When Humans and Axes Collide
9. You should be brutally Slaughtered
10. Upon the Bonethrone
11. Reveler in Rot
12. Ionizing Raptzur Altering Tissue
13. Radiation Blessed

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