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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Band: Latrodectus

Album:  Altered Flesh

Genre: Symphonic Black Metal

Year: 2003

Country: France

1. Maelstrцm
2. Naked Realm
3. Altered Flesh
4. The Being's Damnation
5. Alone... (Instrumental)
6. Totentanz
7. Suffering's Theatre
8. Consumed by the Extrinsic Substance
9. Irreverent Corpses

 "Sounding like a typical raw black metal album, however if you listen through it once or twice, you'll find that there are quite a few refreshing qualities that present themselves. For example, there are some very atmospheric and moody keyboards on the second half of the recording. While they sort of come out of nowhere, they blend in very nicely and create a new tone for the tracks in which they're incorporated. Most of the tracks have a few more melodic segments and verses than your average black metal band, which is also a nice change. The vocals are nothing really special however."

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