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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Band: Frostgrave

Album: Hymn of the Dead

Genre: Black Metal

Year: 2008

Country: Israel

3.Funeral Forest
4.Light of Hate
5.Hell Worker
6.Black Metal and End
7.The Soulless Emptiness is My Kingdom

"Frostgrave is Larenuf's predecessor for the cult black metal outfit Tangorodrim.  Hymn of the Dead was actually recorded in 1996 yet its sound is timeless and classic in the same instance.  Frostgrave's sound consists mainly of ultra-thin, trebly guitars and demonic vocals.  On the album's opener, Frost, it is made crystal clear that traditional black metal played at warp speed is what Frostgrave will be channeling from the elder gods."

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