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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Band: Messina

Album: Terrortory

Genre: Thrash Metal

Year: 1990

Country: Netherlands

1. Messina 
2. Attempted Suicide 
3. Nothing Will Change 
4. Terrortory 
5. Who's for Dinner 
6. Drop Dead 
7. Deathrow 
8. Ritual Killings 
9. The Commencement 

"Basically Messina were just another Dutch thrash metal band appearing in the late eighties, but the sound of their full-length album Terrortory is more convincing than you might expect, very heavy and gritty. Messina's style somewhat resembles their fellow countrymen Sacrosanct, complete with strong vocals and heavy but repetitive riffs. Of course, there are few innovations on this album, but the band put enough power into their music to make it fairly notable. The songs are mostly very derivative and not too memorable on their own though the aggressive, energetic delivery almost makes up for it. As a whole, Terrortory is a bonecrushing heavy piece of work, just slightly dull at times, and with some more original songwriting it could have made a bigger impact. Now the result is just a bit too weary despite the good attempt behind it."

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