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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Band: Satanior
Album: Infernal Black Metal
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2008
Country: Colombia

01. Infernal
02. Inmune a la Salvación
03. La lluvia que esconde las Sombras
04. Viento Sangriento
05. Deja respirar el Silencio

"Infernal Black Metal" is the first demo released in 2008 independently by the band from Pereira, Colombia allegedly formed in 2007: Satanior, the content of their lyrics deal with topics on Satanism and blasphemy.

Their sound too fast and raw on occasion, make the tracks more powerful, and together with the vocals, make an ideal ambient to blaspheme.

A bad point is that it can be somewhat repetitive and monotonous, but certainly is a great band.

The current lineup is:

Anaximenes - Vocals
Inferno - Guitar
Antichrist - Drums

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